Our greatest investment for our student's future is providing adequate funding for our teachers. As the population of our school district increases, we should work to add more teachers to reduce our classroom sizes. We must create a fiscally responsible funding formula to promote higher salaries and resources for the classroom. I will also ensure we are recruiting candidates of all backgrounds and ethnicities to reflect the population of the community we serve.


Norristown Area School District leads the region with technology in the classrooms. Unfortunately, that recognition ends there. As a School Board Director, I will work with our administration to go after grants to provide access to technology outside of the classroom. Our children deserve to have the opportunity to learn at home with the proper resources to do so.

  • Encourage participating in coding and computer science beyond the classroom
  • Expand robotics program to elementary schools


As your School Board Director, I will work to increase transparency within administrative activities and our schools. In today's economy, parents and taxpayers in the district are forced to work longer hours to support their families. As a result, they are unable to attend public meetings and events. It will be my priority to ensure we provide opportunities for our busiest constituents to have a voice in our school district. I will do this by working with the School Board to open new opportunities to get the information out to the community with the following:

  • Live streaming content of all meetings on NASDtv and social media platforms
  • Weekly newsletters and distribution lists
  • Improved calendar function on district website

Athletic Complex

As a former NASD athlete, I have an interest in making sure our next generation of student-athletes have the best facilities and resources needed to be successful. I will work hard with the board, administration, and Athletic Complex Committee to raise funds required to complete the project. We must also work together as a community to build our booster programs starting in the middle schools to provide more opportunities for all of the sports offerings in the school district.

  • Expand sponsorship programs for athletic events
  • Engage alumni athletes to return to NASD in various capacities
  • Long-term strategic planning and feasibility of Roosevelt Field

Economic Development

The Norristown Area is on the brink of an economic boom that will become beneficial to all who live here. As the cost of education continues to rise, we must work together with all local governing bodies to bring businesses to our community to support our tax base. If elected to the School Board, I will work with Norristown Council, East Norriton Supervisors, and West Norriton Commissioners to strategically plan on the best way to bring positive development to the region.

  • Ensure development in Norristown's LERTA Zone goes to skilled local labor to provide job opportunities to our constituency
  • Build a public-private partnership to ensure our schools are supported as businesses continue to grow

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