War on Immigration is a Threat to our Community

The Norristown Area School District is one of the most diverse districts in the state, and that is worth celebrating. Our community is made up of dozens of languages and people from all over the world. Everyone, regardless of political affiliation, should come together to make sure our children can learn without fears of coming home to an empty house.
The latest executive order to withhold federal money to punish immigrant communities is unconstitutional and violates the 10th Amendment which explicitly addresses the separation of powers between the federal government, states, and cities. Our communities cannot afford to break up hardworking immigrant families who pay taxes and make valuable economic and cultural contributions to our communities.
By withholding federal money that includes funding for schools, community health initiatives, and municipal services, this disastrous order will only undermine the education, health and public safety of our communities.
We should continue to celebrate our diversity in the Norristown Area. I will not stand by and watch families be torn apart by sacrificing undocumented immigrants who are our neighbors, our friends, and our family. If elected as school board director, I will commit to ensuring all of our families and children have a chance to succeed in this community.

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